Business Made Simple Daily

You don't need a degree to grow a business. You just need 60 days!

Business Made Simple Daily is a series of 60 daily videos that will teach you everything you need to know to grow a business.

Every day, pour yourself a cup of coffee, then sit back and watch the 5-minute daily video so you can beat the competition.

This is everything they didn’t teach you in college. These are the skills that will actually grow a business and make you more valuable on the open market.


The best part? These videos are absolutely free!


Learn the Skills that Will Move Your Business (And Career) Forward

  • The 10 characteristics that really lead to success
  • How to create a mission statement
  • How to give a presentation that isn't boring
  • How to clarify a message
  • How to negotiate and win
  • How to execute so more things get done
  • Five foolproof strategies for personal productivity
  • How a business REALLY makes money
  • How to create a marketing sales funnel
  • How to sell
  • How to manage people